The Matrix Coffeehouse

Matrix is Closed 1995-2015 RIP


prices do not include tax

Dinner Specialities
Appetizers & Snacks
Pastries & Desserts
Espresso & Other Beverages

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the Matrix Salad
     Romaine and red leaf lettuce with tomatoes, olives, grated cheddar, sunflower seeds (mushrooms on request) with your choice of our homemade dressings
*Our Full salad is a huge Matrix salad with the addition of Greek olives, broccoli, artichoke hearts & pepperoncini!

Add fresh pita bread for $1.50.

Add broiled herb chicken to a side or full salad for $2.50.
$ 3.10
$ 5.20
$ 9.71
Curry of the day
     We offer curry from different areas of the world like Malaysia, India, or Thailand. Sometimes on rice other times on Yaki Soba noodles. Chicken or vegetarian. Served with our pita bread
Hummus Plate
     Fresh-made hummus, fresh-cooked pita bread and a salad with lettuce, Greek olives, tomato, feta cheese and pepperoncini with our original vinagrette dressing.
$ 10.24
Chicken Deluxe Quesadilla
     A large flour tortilla filled with broiled spiced chicken, cheese, olives, tomatoes and veggies. Served with corn chips, sour cream and salsa.
$ 10.45
Black Bean Deluxe Quesadilla
     A large flour tortilla filled with spiced black beans, cheddar cheese, black olives, tomatoes and veggies. Served with corn chips, sour cream and salsa.
$ 9.40
    Our own red sauce, mozzarella cheese, & two toppings on our homemade honey-wheat thin crust.
Toppings: pepperoni, pepperoncini, mushroom, broccoli, onion, tomato,
olive (black or kalamata), bell pepper (red or green), artichoke heart, feta.
Additional toppings 60 cents each.
Special Fresh Pizza Pie
     A crisped honey-wheat crust with a mix of tomato, black olive, onion, garlic, mushroom, pepperoncini, spices & olive oil covered with mozzarella and either pepperoni or artichoke heart
Soba Noodles with Veggies 
     Steamed in miso sauce-- no added oil, vegan.
(serves two)

Appetizers & Snacks

     Corn chips with spicy beans, cheddar cheese, olives, onions and sour cream. Jalepeños on request.
sm. $ 7.04lg. $ 9.71
Basic Quesadilla
     A large flour tortilla filled with choice of indredients: tomatoes, olives, red or green peppers, jalapenos, and our blend of cheese. Served with chips, sour cream and salsa.
$ 6.30
Hummus & Pita Bread
Our fresh-made hummus & fresh baked pita with kalamata olives and pepperoncini.
$ 6.30
Rick’s Bean Dip & Corn Chips
      Spicy-hot on request
sm. $ 4.15 lg. $ 6.04
Veggies and Dip Plate
     A mix of fresh vegetables served with a choice of hummus or dressing.  
$ 6.83

Pastries & Desserts

Brownies $ 2.00
Scones (selection varies) $ 3.40
Vanilla Ice Cream $ 1.95
$ 2.85
Chocolate Sundae $ 4.10
Chocolate Brownie Sundae$ 4.95
Sorbet (selection varies)  $ 3.47

Espresso &  Other

straight espresso


     espresso & hot water

Long Black
     Aussie style long shot pulled into hot water

     espresso with a dash of steamed milk and plenty of foam

     equal parts espresso, steamed milk & foam

Caffè Latte
     espresso, steamed milk and a little foam

Flat White
     Aussie style espresso & steamed milk without foam

Caffè Mocha
     chocolate, espresso, steamed milk & a touch of foam

Come in for our House Espresso Specialties & Extras!

Other Beverages
Drip Coffee
Locally Roasted Fair Trade Organic  1 cup & 1 refill or one ‘to go’
French Drip Coffee
     Vietnamese coffee.  French roast coffee filtered slowly through a special filter with sweetened condensed milk.
Very Strong.
Hot Chocolate                                                        $2.90
Hot Tea $1. 30
     mixed and brewed right here                       
Soda (cans)
     Hanson's or Blue Sky with a glass of ice
Italian soda
Milk $2.30
Quart of Filtered and Flavored Ice Water 97¢
Milk Shake