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Sat. March 16th '13 The Deep Wile & Quinn Conley
Sat. March 9th '13 The Amazing Caleb Ross

First Friday Song Circle

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Patriots for Peace:Color USA, B&W USA, Color Washington State, B&W Washington State

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Fri., April 19th '02:
Fezzik's Rhyme & Jeanlizabeth
Sat., April 20th '02: The Baldwin Quartet
Fri., April 26th '02: 60 Cycle Hum & PK explosion &
Sat., April 27th '02: SilkRoot&  the attila and dave project
Fri., May 3rd '02: RTYPE, JAYWISE & DJcrime
Sat., May 4th '02: Rick Brown
Fri., May 10th '02:King Dinosaur/The Springs/BiPolar Star
Sat., May 11th '02: Heidi Muller with Betsy Wellings & Eric Miller
Fri., May 17th '02: Brian Kenney Fresno/neon brown/Brendan Wires
Sat., May 18th '02: Battle Of the Bands, fundraiser for Adna HS Band
Fri., May 24th '02: Rick Straw: Tall Tales, Lies and Whoppers
Sat., May 25th '02: Tim Readman
Fri., May 31st '02: Just Plain Bill & The Drews
Sat., June 1st '02: Telynor
Fri., June 7th '02: The Great Divide, The Static Age, Racoon
Sat., June 8th '02: Ash, 
Fri., June 21st '02: Ginger Vitus & Flipstick-- 062102.pdf
Sat., June 22nd '02: The Prime Time Players-- 062202.pdf
Fri., June 28th '02: Tryptix & Ana-Keena-- 062802.pdf
Fri., July 5th '02: Eventide, Content 2 Drown & BXF-- 070502.pdf
Sat., July 6th '02: Island Jazz Quintet-- 070602.pdf
Gina Holsopple 080202
Bicycle & Post Modern Defect 080902
Where's Leo? & Flipstick 081002
Gratitude & Ghandi with a gun 091402.pdf
Betsy Wellings & Eric Miller 092002.pdf
BXF, Content 2 Drown, The Ted Dancin' Machine 092102.pdf
Terran Spiral & Dead Air Fresheners with Chuck Swaim 092802.pdf
Cricket- The Way Things Are 100402.pdf
Hoovercain & Failing Winter 100502.pdf
Bill & Robyn Fisher 101102.pdf
The Attila and Dave Project & THREE 101202.pdf
Wes Weddell 101802.pdf
Ginger Vitus, Flipstick, Scared Little Boy & Go Without 101902.pdf
Baby Gramps Halloween Party (Sat. 102602) grampsha.pdf
Alex de Grassi (Sat 110202) degrassi.pdf
Mike Dowling (Sat 110902) dowling.pdf
Baby Gramps, Alex de Grassi, Mike Dowling & Linda Waterfall advanced tickets poster
020703.pdf- Open Jam Session
020803.pdf- Ampersand
021403.pdf- Cricket's Home for Broken Hearts with Betsy Wellings & Eric Miller and Joey
021503.pdf- The Russ Hubley Group with guest vocalist Mike Rust
022103.pdf- Tree Root
022103.pdf- Kathy Hudson & Friends
022803.pdf- Larry Pattis
030103.pdf- Attila and Dave Project & Lanterna
030703.pdf- Tim Readman
030803.pdf- Cricket's Two-Fisted Birthday with Lee Rude and Thomas Grady Band
031403.pdf- Kanzeon
031503.pdf- Content 2 Drown, Pummel & Gas Next Right
032103.pdf- Open Jam Session (part of One World Beat festival)
032203.pdf- Victory Music Benifit (part of One World Beat festival)
032803.pdf- Radim Zenkl with Leo Chern
032903.pdf- Narcotic Lollipop, Gratitude & Lance
040403.pdf- Open Jam Session
040503.pdf- Chris A. Yeaton & Teddy Randazzo Jr.
041103.pdf- Franco and his Fab Friends: Live & Mostly Unplugged - Nick Blue, Dave Clary & The Mayberries and Alex Wilson
041203.pdf- Shades Of Grey & Fauna Polly
041803.pdf- Dan Blunck's Jazz Nouveau
041903.pdf- You Tell Us, The Fallout, Rob Allison, & Katie Beers
042503.pdf- The Attila and Dave Project & Stroma
042603.pdf- Philippe Bertaud
051603.pdf- W.F. West High School & Middle School Bands
051703.pdf- Just Plain Bill, The Drews & PK Dwyer
052403.pdf- Dance Benefit for Pat Town with Angel & Rocklyn Hill
053103.pdf- A Thousand Young, Jen Grady & David Simpson
061303.pdf- Cricket, the resurrection
061403.pdf- Small Revolutions & Three
062003.pdf- Gingervitus & Melancholy Bliss
062103.pdf- Solstice Sunset
062703.pdf- Ned Evett
062803.pdf- The Waxfire, The Sitting Down Affair & Jared Farmer
070403.pdf- Cricket's Keep Cool Variety Show
070503.pdf- Thomas Grady & Patrick Bennion
071103.pdf- Post Modern Defect, Content 2 Drown, The Bismarck & The August I Had
71803h.pdf- Honey Buckit & Mark Lemhouse (version 1) 
71803m.pdf- Mark Lemhouse & Honey Buckit (version 2) 
071903.pdf- Bruce Katz   (11" x 17")
71903s.pdf- Bruce Katz--   (81/2" x 11")
072503.pdf- Brian Gore & Jay Howlett
072603.pdf- Ted Dancin' Machine, Aaron English Band, Locust Street Taxi, Lo Fi
080803.pdf- Dave Manning
080903.pdf- Moe Pigeon
091203.pdf- Scared Little Boy, My Merry Malady & Le Ton Mite
091303.pdf- Just Plain Bill CD release party
091903.jpg- Electronica Equinox Back
092003.pdf- Alice Stuart
092603.pdf- Cricket, Flipstick & Le Ton Mite
100303.jpg- Jam Session
100403.pdf- True Margrit, Stephanie Haffner & Betsy Wellings with Eric Miller
101003_c.pdf- Jen Chapin with Stephan Crump 11"x17" Black & White 11"x17"
101103.pdf- The Fallout & Ana-Keena
101203.pdf- Alex de Grassi 11"x17"
101703.jpg- Starseed, Stroma, & Forgotten Sol
101803.pdf- "Old Farts" Special Mic
Poetry.pdf- Poetry Open Mic with Lucia Perillo
102403.pdf- The Fallout, The Bismarck & The Crossing
102503.pdf- Dan Mills
103103.jpg- Rock Costume Ball

110103.pdf- Cricket with Clear Form, Katie Beers, Lily Maring & Dustin Davis
110703.pdf- First Friday Jam Session
110803.pdf- The Sage Drifters
111403.jpg- Full, Faun Fables, The Waxfire, Le Ton Mite

111503.pdf- David Rogers
112103.pdf- Les Barker & Jon Pfaff
112203.pdf- Rikk Beatty Band, DNA, & The Fallout
121303.jpg- Cricket auction/benefit/showcase
121903.pdf- Bill Skins Fifth & The Crossing
010304.jpg- ana-keena, The Fallout, The Magical Mr. Fuzzy

010904.pdf- Betsy Wellings with Eric Miller
011004.pdf- Talisman
011604.pdf- Tommy and the Dropouts

011704.pdf- Maybes CD release with Anabret
012304.pdf- Leon House and Friends
012404.pdf- Fuzzy Logic
013004.pdf- Four Shillings Short (8.5" x 14")

013104.pdf- Terran Spiral, Three, and Eddie not Eddie
020604.pdf- First Friday Jam

020704.pdf- Ray Prestegard & friends
021304.pdf- Sandman, The Rappin Cowboy

021404.pdf- Rikk Beatty, DNA, Resevior Dogs
022004.pdf- Dan Mills, Jerod Farmer & Cricket
030504.pdf- Flipstick, Dustin Davis, and Jerod Farmer

030604.pdf- Cricket's Timberland Regional Library Benefit
031204.pdf- Vivian's Keeper

031304.pdf- Content 2 Drown, Hook & The Daggers, and Flipstick
031904.pdf- Shannon Saunders and The Splinters
032004.pdf- Fixius, and Technical Difficulties
040904.pdf- Tommy and the Dropouts, Lee Rude, Coiler
041004.pdf- ana-keena, The Fallout, The Magical Mr. Fuzzy
041604.pdf- J.A. Granelli & Mr. Lucky
041704.pdf- Hook & The Daggers, Flipstick, Last 1 Out
050704.pdf- June Jam

050804.pdf- Dave Shriver's Hot Rocks
051404.pdf- Ted Dancin' Machine, Uprite Dub Orchestra, and Shakedown
051504.pdf- Celebrate Our Environment- reconnect with our rivers forests and rural lands music food & fun 3pm-late (color)  (B&W
052104.pdf- Joe Crookston
052204.pdf- Rik Wright's Zen Tornado
052804.pdf- Content 2 Drown, The Envy, Gonken by Bipolar Audio
05294a.pdf- A Thousand Young, Lisa Murphy      
flyer529.PNG- another A Thousand Young and Lisa flyer (link to band site))
060404.pdf- Monktail Creative Music Concern
060504.pdf- Sam & John C. Densmore, Dustin Davis, Sweet Lou and The Trent Foundation
061104.pdf- Casey Connor and Lila Nelson
061204.pdf- Locust Street Taxi, Lo Fi, and Adam Sweeney
061804.pdf- some of the Best from Open Mic
061904.pdf- Cricket and Poly Esther Ogen Alternate Flyer
062304.pdf- Appreciation, Le Ton Mité, Sweet Lou and The Trent Foundation, and Derek M. Johnson
062504.pdf- Dan Mills
062604.pdf- Flipstick. Ginger Vitus, Safe and Sane, and The Black Tie Affairs
070204.pdf- first friday blues and rock jam
070304.pdf- DJ Kutz vs. "Murder" the Cat vs. Mismatched Sox vs. Triadium
070904.pdf- Dave Shriver's Hot Rocks
071004.pdf- Mark Growden
080604.pdf- first friday blues and rock jam
080704.pdf- Adam Sweeney CD release party with A Thousand Young and waypastfrown
081104.pdf- System and Station, Some by Sea, The Kite Eating Tree
081304.pdf- Cricket with Patrick and Ryan
081404.pdf- Dave Shriver's Hot Rocks
082504.pdf- Sweet Lou and the Trent Foundation, Slackjaw, Snowdrift, and Fleeting Trance
082704.pdf- Franco Bertucci, Treva Blomquist, and Tre
082804.pdf- Best of Open Mic vol.III with Murray Flint, Chris and Katie Kaech
090304.pdf- First Friday Jam
090404.pdf- Content 2Drown, The Satin Machine, Sweet Lou and The Trent Foundation, and Dustin Davis
091004.pdf- Steve Stefanowicz
091104.pdf- Flipstick, Hook and The Daggers, and The Black Tie Affairs
091704.pdf- Food Web, & the First and Final Performance of Savant Garde
091804.pdf- Rik Wright's Zen Tornado
091904.pdf- Go Jimmy Go 09194C.pdf- 11"x17" color 09194B.pdf- 11"x17" B&W
092404.pdf- Dave Shriver's Hot Rocks and Tommy Dean
092504.pdf- Betsy Wellings with Eric Miller
09304b.pdf- Voter Registration Drive- B&W   09304C.pdf-color   093004.pdf- 11"x17" color
100104.pdf- First Friday Blues and Rock Jam
100204.pdf- Fallout, ana-keena & The Envy
100804.pdf- Patrick Storedahl CD release with Brian Sparhawk and Yes, Please
100904.pdf- Chris Guenther and the Honkey Tonk Drifters
101504.pdf- Fixius and Technical Difficulties
101604.pdf- Dave Shriver's Hot Rocks
102204.pdf- Todd James Luque, Tom Boros, Kristin Ford, and Content 2 Drown
102304.pdf- Some By Sea, Yes Please, Derek M. Johnson, and Jen Grady
102904.pdf- Lila and Satin Machine
103004.pdf- 9th Annual Costume Ball with Dark Carny, Franco Bertucci Band, United Sheep and Cricket
110504.pdf- First Friday Blues and Rock Jam Session
110604.pdf- Ray Prestegard and Friends
111204.pdf- Devin Brewer with Desmond Ellis
111304.pdf- A Thousand Young with Mike Barnet
111904.pdf- Hot n Bothered, Aiden and Up Falls Down
112004.pdf- Shain
112704.pdf- The Black Tie Affairs & Field of Wires
121804.pdf- Cricket's year's end fund-raiser trifold flyer
010805.pdf- Stick Figure Strippers & Jared Price
011505.pdf- Terran Spiral and Templeton's Lair
012105.pdf- Friday Night Freak Show with Aric
012205.pdf- Dave Shriver and Friends
012305.pdf- Dorian Michael and Larry Pattis
012805.pdf- Hook and the Daggers and Lost Cause
01295a.pdf- Afternoon Art Party
012905.pdf- Fixius, Yellow Finn, and Technical Difficulties
020505.pdf- Cricket
021105.pdf- State of Silence, Broken Silence and Dustin Davis 4x handouts
021205.pdf- Rick Straw and Desmond Ellis 4x handouts
022505.pdf- Wester Daywick
040205.pdf- Michal O'Niell(11"x17")
songcirc.pdf- First Friday Song Circle
040905.pdf- Fuzzy Logic and Destination
041505.pdf- Field of Wires and Dyer Oxley
041605.pdf- Cricket
042205.pdf- Darin Schaffer
051205.pdf- Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Faun Fables, Wester Daywick (11" x 17")
051305.pdf- W.F. West High School and Chehalis Middle School Jazz Bands
051405.pdf- Kojo
052005.pdf- Food Web, Anubian Lights, Dead Air Fresheners
052105.pdf- Harmony Vocal and Piano Academy

Sumartcs.pdf- Summer Art Class Series

071505.pdf- Wester Daywick, Out of Order, Technical Difficulty

071605.pdf- Rachel Harrington & Kristin Connell

072205.pdf- Locust Street Taxi

072905.pdf- Sweating Honey

073105.pdf- Harmony Vocal and Piano Academy

080605.pdf- Bob Franke

Fri., November 9th '12: Comedy Night at The Matrix Coffeehouse with Cricket, Sean O'Neil, and Shawn Kaufman
Sat., November 10th '12: White Fort
Fri., November 16th '12: Modern Day Hero
Sat., November 17th '12: "Firedancer" Debut Book Signing with Aric Catron
Sat., November 17th '12: The First and Final
Fri., November 24th '12: Marc Annan
Fri. and Sat., Nov 30th- Dec 1st '12: Creative Community Space
Sat., December 8th '12: Mark Trethewey joined by Tom & Charity Stone and Steve Brambelt
Fri., December 14th '12: Jet Black Pearl

Sat., December 15th '12: The Moon Runners and Seth Eldredge
Fri., December 21st '12: Ecstatic Dancing
Sat., December 29th '12: Chey Soul and Zachary Callantine
Sat., January 5th '13: The Rickshaw Variety Show
Sat., January 19th '13: Rio Con Brio
Fri., January 25th '13: Product Protection
Sat., January 26th '13: First & Final
Sat., Feb 2nd '13: Mike Horn and Chey Soul
Fri., Feb 15th '13 True Love and High Adventure, Hot'N Bothered, Andrew Anderson
Sat., Feb 16th '13 David (Fingers) Kimball and RickShaw
Fri., Feb 22nd '13 Lilly Moon & Maddie
Sat., March 2nd '13 Sean Gaskell and Bret Benraven - Kora and Calabash
Fri. March 8th '13 Stony Balony with Mike & Mark

February printable schedule 2006- sche0206.pdf

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434 NW Prindle St., Chehalis, WA 98532
email: mch@localaccess.com

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